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Prosecution In Kyle Rittenhouse Case “Facepalm” In Court After Terrible Witness Testifies

A member of the prosecution for the Kyle Rittenhouse case literally struck a “facepalm” pose during court proceedings. This gesture of frustration happened after their “star” witness, Gaige Grosskreutz, essentially defended Kyle Rittenhouse on the stand. Grosskreutz was being cross-examined by the defense when the most obvious question came about. And that question was essentially‚Ķ “when did Kyle Rittenhouse shoot you?” Gaige Grosskreutz responded honestly by saying he not only chased Rittenhouse while he was running away, but he also pulled a gun on Rittenhouse first.

Kyle Rittenhouse has maintained that his actions during the Kenosha, Wisconsin BLM-style protests of last year were purely self-defense. The media say that Rittenhouse was a minor who crossed state lines with an illegal weapon for the intended purpose of shooting anti-racist protesters. In reality, Rittenhouse lived in Antioch, Illinois which is just a few minutes away from Kenosha. Rittenhouse was interviewed before the shooting happened and he spoke about being a medic there to protect people and businesses. Videotape evidence shows that he always tried to avoid conflict. Several people attacked him while he was attempting to run away.

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The case should be pretty open and shut but of course, it is not. Everything about this case is political although the act of self-defense should not be viewed from that point of view. The media and much of the political left have an issue with straight white conservative men with guns. Rittenhouse embodies all of that. Then there is the fact he is underage and his actions were done during the aftermath of the Jacob Blake shooting. Blake is a black man who was shot and paralyzed by police after they responded to a domestic violence call. The officers involved in the Blake shooting will not be charged. Sending Rittenhouse to the penitentiary would simply be a consolation prize. Judging by the amount of evidence the prosecution provided for the defense, that prize is simply not going to materialize.


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