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Feds Raid Project Veritas Contributors Over Ashley Biden’s Diary

Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe confirms that contributors to his organization were raided by the FBI over the Ashley Biden diary. The Feds claim Ashley Biden’s diary was stolen in a burglary of some sort. There is not an allegation that Project Veritas or any of their contributors were the ones who committed the actual burglary and theft. However, news of the stolen diary allegedly made its way to Project Veritas before anyone else. So the FBI decided to raid Project Veritas contributors in order to track down the person (or people) who committed the initial burglary.

FBI conducted the raid in New York City and Westchester County, right outside of NYC. Project Veritas does not take responsibility for the burglary or for the contents of the diary being published. PV says that someone (or some people) approached them with the diary in hand. Apparently, the purpose was to release the diary because of the very incriminating things it says that could damage Joe Biden. Instead of simply releasing the contents of the diary, Project Veritas first contacted Ashley Biden’s lawyer. Her lawyer refused to confirm or deny the authenticity of the diary. PV then gave the diary to the proper authorities. That is the extent of their involvement.

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The purpose of the FBI raiding Project Veritas affiliates could be to place pressure on them to reveal the initial source of the diary. Maybe the FBI doesn’t believe PV when they say they are not the ones who “stole” the diary and they are simply trying to find evidence to blame PV. Either way, the raid by the FBI and the claim of burglary essentially legitimize the diary. If the FBI is saying the diary is Ashley Biden’s property, then that means she is most likely the one who wrote in the diary. The National File actually published the contents of the diary on their website. They even allege to have a voice recording of Ashley Biden confirming the authenticity of the diary.

Most left-leaning websites refuse to acknowledge that National File actually produced the contents. They have no problem naming and blaming Project Veritas, though. This is probably because PV doesn’t have it and National File does. The average reader may simply search James O’Keefe’s YouTube channel for the diary. This is a wild goose chase probably done intentionally to prevent people from reading the diary. One glance at a few pages reveals a truly troubled person. Ashley Biden wrote about having drug, sex, and mental problems just like her brother Hunter. Ironically enough, Hunter’s laptop had similar confessions of brokenness that his sister’s diary has. The laptop was also dismissed as fake propaganda by mainstream media before it was confirmed to be legitimate.

A damning passage from Ashley’s diary is about her father taking showers with her. If a young girl is old enough to stand up and cleanse herself in the shower, then there is no reason for any adult to be there with her. Especially not a male adult. Ashley acknowledged that this practice was “probably inappropriate” in her diary writing. “Probably” is an understatement. And this isn’t the first time Joe Biden has been implicated in inappropriate behavior with children. Time and time again he is photographed making children uncomfortable and scared. The media always rush to his rescue. Even if it means ignoring the cries of potential victims.

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