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Alaska Airlines Offers $1,500 To Compensate Passengers Of “Door Plug” Failure Flight

Alaska Airlines offered compensation via email to passengers of the “door plug” flight that took off from Portland, Oregon. The email contained an offer of a free ticket and a one-time cash payment of $1,500. This amount has been widely panned as inadequate and a “slap in the face” due to the harrowing nature of the flight. Lawyers say that passengers could most certainly fetch larger paydays due to suffering “emotional distress” from an event that some may label as “near-death.”

On Friday of last week, a “door plug” detached from the aircraft’s fuselage upon ascent after takeoff. The impact of this event was so tremendous that the fortified cockpit door, some 20 rows forward, was ripped off of the hinges. Rubber oxygen masks descended from the ceiling, and passengers began to text their loved ones their final goodbyes. Luckily, the plane’s crew returned all souls aboard to Portland and landed about 20 minutes after the door plug flew off.

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Alaska Airlines offers passengers mere $1,500 for horror flight as potential lawsuits loom

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