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All 50 Migrants Deported From Martha’s Vineyard To Cape Cod Base

All 50 migrants that arrived on Martha’s Vineyard from Florida were “deported” off of the island within 48 hours of their arrival. They were sent by bus and boat to Joint Base Cape Cod, a nearby military base. The rationale for this decision was the ability to better give the migrants services that Martha’s Vineyard may not have. This is interesting considering all of the empty vacation homes of multi-millionaire celebrities that dot the island’s landscape. Furthermore, the resources the migrants need should easily be given to them by the aforementioned celebrities. After all, people like The Obamas would surely love to support migrants fleeing violence in Venezuela, right? Maybe not.


Illegal Immigrants Get the Boot After One Day on Martha’s Vineyard

Migrants who arrived in Martha’s Vineyard moved to Cape Cod – POLITICO

Migrants sent to Martha’s Vineyard have been voluntarily taken to military base for support , officials say | CNN Politics

Migrants on Martha’s Vineyard moving to Cape Cod – YouTube

Migrants Sent To Martha’s Vineyard By DeSantis Now Going To Massachusetts Military Base – YouTube

National Guard assisting migrants relocated to Martha’s Vineyard – YouTube

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  1. Its called deportation for a reason. We’re literally the only country in the entire world that does not understand this concept, unless its a fellow natural born citizen trying to bring loved ones home from outside of our borders, THEN it conveniently is important because there is a lot of money at stake. Travel visa’s, permits, green cards etc. are a multibillion dollar a year business for our government. It takes years upon years of waiting and a good $5k per person. Plus why not, punish the good people doing the right thing following the laws, and reward those who arent. Typical American way of doing things.

  2. The reason why most of these criminals sneak their way in and then fall on the pity and mercy of gullible spineless Americans is, and its really simple because instead of going to an embassy and paying $100 for a travel visiting visa and then just staying forever they pay their life savings of $2000 to be muled across illegally, theyre criminals, gang bangers, drug cartel, drug addicts, of bad health, a burden on society etc. Awe the poor illegal aliens need travel money, a place to stay and food to eat and medical attention and shoes and …

  3. Why aren’t these criminals in jail awaiting immediate deportation on the very next cross border bus available? Its what happens to Americans illegally entering Mexico or any other country in the world. What makes these criminals special? What kind of delusional logic is this govt. peddling when they’re not only allowed in the country but given red carpet treatment on the tax payers dime??? Between the niggers and the “POC”, this country has become one big cesspool of lies, stupidity and opportunistic greed and corruption. 21st century America is a lost cause.. and heres the proof.


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