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Stacey Abrams Presents A “Black Male Agenda” To Raise Low Poll Numbers

Georgia Governor candidate Stacey Abrams has released an agenda for black men on her website. The goal with said agenda is to increase her failing poll numbers. The data suggest that Abrams is polling 17% lower with black males this time around compared to 2018 when she first ran (and lost) against the now-incumbent Governor Brian Kemp. Experts say that Abrams wants to get the typical 90% of the black vote in order to have a shot at winning. Initially, news media said her attempts at reaching out to black men ended in getting rappers like Lil Baby and 21 Savage to support her publicly.

Obviously, if people don’t support Abrams in 2022 who supported her in 2018, there is probably a deeper reason that a mumble rapper cannot address at all. So, this reality prompted Abrams to develop a list of tangible items specifically for black men. The list is available in the links below. To summarize her agenda… most of what was there was not specifically for black men. Vague terms like “minority” and “poor” were used… but not “black men”. There was even a line item on there to address access to guns being a bad thing.

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Stacey Abrams has access to abundant resources due to all of the outside money coming into Georgia from California and New York. However, Abrams nor her team appear to have any self-awareness. Part of the reason why she performed so poorly in 2018 was that she ran an anti-gun campaign in Georgia. Everyone in The Peach State has guns, regardless of color. So to place a losing message in a list attempting to gain back lost voters simply does not make any sense.


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