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Biden Says The Pandemic is Over With On CBS 60 Minutes

President Biden says the pandemic is over during a wide-ranging interview on CBS 60 Minutes. He did qualify that statement by saying there is still some work to do, but the pandemic that many Americans have grown to fear is done. This was an astounding statement, considering how much work the “beloved” Dr. Fauci and his minions have put into making the pandemic such a mainstay in the lives of all Americans (and also people around the world).

The shocking one-liners did not stop at the pandemic explanation during this interview. Although the interview was pre-recorded, there were times when the President looked lost, confused, and downright unaware of the reality in which the average American lives. An example of such a moment was the question about inflation. Biden did not want to acknowledge the fact of inflation currently sitting at a historic high of 8.3%. Instead, he attempted to deflect to the fact that it hasn’t risen much from month to month.

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Biden calls COVID pandemic over in “60 Minutes” interview

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