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Americans Express Their Support For Open Borders During Street Interview

The Southern Border between the United States and Mexico has become a hot-button issue under the Biden Administration. Every day, thousands of people attempt to cross illegally or reach a port of entry to become a so-called “asylum seeker.” Millions of migrants have flooded into the United States since Biden took over, leaving an immeasurable impact on major sanctuary cities like New York and Chicago. The border issue has caused a fracture in Congress and among regular, everyday US citizens. Street interviewer MalikSnaps asked a few Americans their viewpoints on what should be done with the border, and their answers may shock you. Mexican President Lopez-Obrador chimed in on the issue of illegal immigration as well. His revelation is not surprising but even more sobering than the disappointing opinion of so many left-leaning Americans regarding the Southern Border.


Do Americans Want Open Borders or A Wall? – YouTube

60 Minutes on X: “The president of Mexico’s proposal for stemming immigration includes: – The U.S. commit $20 billion a year to poor countries in Latin America and the Caribbean -Lift sanctions on Venezuela -End the Cuban embargo -Legalize law-abiding Mexicans living in the U.S. https://t.co/rmJ1j78SxQ” / X

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