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ANOTHER Black Teenager Shot And Killed in CHAZ / CHOP Seattle!

Yet another black teenager was shot and killed inside the Seattle area known as CHAZ or CHOP (Capitol Hill Occupied Protest). The boy was just 16 years old. Another person, a 14-year-old boy, was shot at the same time and is currently in ICU. The surviving shooting victim is in critical condition and might not survive.

What Happened And Why?

The double shooting happened at around 3:30 am Monday morning on the baseball field in CHAZ/CHOP. Video evidence shows a white SUV driving across the field then towards the CHAZ barricade. CHAZ “security” allegedly opened fire on the vehicle, striking both teenagers. One of them was taken to the hospital by Seattle authorities, another was taken to the hospital by CHAZ occupants.

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Seattle’s Chief of Police Carmen Best spoke to news media in front of CHAZ/CHOP and explained the story briefly. She also pointed out the elephant in the room. “Black Lives Matter” is a slogan plastered everywhere within the “walls” of the occupied zone. If that slogan actually means something, then the lives of the two black teenagers who were shot and killed within the zone would not be gone.

Crimes Ignored By The Media

Then, of course, there are all of the other crimes that happen within CHAZ/CHOP. The rapes, robberies, carjacking, general theft (especially of phones), and the inability of businesses to operate or for people to live in the area. These are all serious issues that need to be addressed.

Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan and Washington State Governor Jay Inslee don’t seem to care much about what’s been happening. Durkan, who at one point in time referred to CHAZ/CHOP as “the summer of love”, now vows to dismantle the zone. Although she has done nothing concrete to do so. Inslee seems generally clueless about the situation.

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There Is Always An Ulterior Motive

One thing that is now crystal clear with the Black Lives Matter movement is that they don’t truly care about Black Lives. If they do, then it’s hard to tell. All of these so-called “peaceful protests” and “occupations” done in the name of BLM simply cause more harm to the black community than any good.

Police reform is a thing that has now come to the forefront as a result of all the protests (riots). In reality, there is no need for such a thing. The black community does not have a contentious relationship with the police. A recent study reveals that only 1 in 6 BLM protesters are black and 46% are white.

Is the end goal a better future for black people in America or a better future for a random politician like Joe Biden who magically had his best month during all the BLM protests? It’s not hard to tell.

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