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College Professor Tells Candace Owens That Men Can Have Babies!

College Professor Marc Lamont Hill informed Candace Owens that men can have babies during their conversation on her PragerU show. The entire conversation between them was wide-ranging, covering LGBTQ+ issues, college admissions, and more. Although Hill’s viewpoints as a liberal and Owens’ viewpoints as a conservative were generally opposite, there wasn’t a gigantic chasm between them during the conversation. Until Hill made the “men can do it to” comment.

Hill is obviously referring to biological women that identify as men. But the reality is, no matter how adamant a biological woman is about their new identity, they cannot scientifically change. Procedures to make a person’s skin lighter or darker are possible. Plastic surgery to alter a person’s face or body are available. A different look is achievable through non-organic methods. But it is not currently possible for a human being to transform from male to female or vice versa.

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The thoughts a person has is their own business. How they may identify is also fine. But the problem comes when other people are forced to play along with whatever reality a person creates for themselves.

Making Sense of the Nonsensical

Candace Owens brought up a perfect anecdote of her uncle that has mental problems from prolonged solitary confinement in prison. She said that he thought he was actually a Native American from a specific tribe. But in reality, he was not. This thought process is similar to bulimia where a person thinks they are fat although they are not.

The appropriate term, as Candace mentioned, is gender dysphoria. Gender dysphoria is why transgender Americans are banned from the US Military. Servicemen were claiming that disorder to get free sex changes. And when a serviceman has a sex change, they become a liability on the battlefield due to medical issues.

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Don’t Take It Personal

A slightly biased onlooker may take a look at this article and the conversation between Candace Owens and Marc Lamont Hill then get a feeling of bigotry or attacking. That is far from the truth. Whatever a consenting adult wants to do with their life is their own business. The problem becomes when other people are forcibly involved with whatever they have going on mentally.

Candace brought up a good point about businesses virtue-signaling with “gender-neutral” bathrooms. There is no reason to label a bathroom with that language when single-stall restrooms exist in public spaces everywhere. Then there is the issue of “canceling” people when they don’t refer to someone by their specific set of, sometimes random, gender pronouns. “Canceling” then extends to the extreme of people losing their jobs, their businesses, and more. It’s just too extreme.

The conversation between Candace Owens and Marc Lamont Hill was much more than the LGBTQ+etc. issue. They touched on racism, college admissions, police brutality, and more. It’s a definite must see. Check the video above for the full episode.

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