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Anti-Police Podcast Host Kills Officer During Hit-And-Run

Jessica Beauvais allegedly killed a New York City police officer named Anastasios Tsakos due to a hit-and-run on the Long Island Expressway. Beauvais is a 32-year-old anti-police podcast host. Tsakos was on the Expressway directing traffic after an earlier car crash that killed a 26-year-old man. Police say Beauvais confessed to drinking alcohol and smoking marijuana before she got on the road. Beauvais had a blood-alcohol level more than twice the legal limit two hours after the hit-and-run crash.

Jessica Beauvais had just wrapped up a podcast that was live-streamed to Facebook. In the nearly two-hour podcast, she expressed her disdain, if not hatred, for police. She even made veiled threats against the police, although not to specific officers. As things currently stand, Beauvais faces up to 15 years behind bars. That could change for the worse if malice aforethought can be proven.

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Officer Tsakos was hit with so much force that his body flew 100 feet away. Beauvais had a smashed windshield and she dragged a traffic cone as she fled the scene. She did not stop until she ran up on a curb and was overwhelmed by nearby police officers. Her attitude was initially one of defiance and non-compliance. This is not surprising considering Beauvais has an atrocious driving record. As a matter of fact, her record behind the wheel is so bad that her license was already suspended before the crash.


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  1. Dear ABL, I live in Mallorca Spain, am a Dutch citizen. I subscribe to your channel. Keep up the good work!
    This is a premeditated case of murder. When Beauvais saw the police Officer Tsakos she thought ” Kill him”. No different from any serial rapist or murderer watching someone they can kill or rape.
    I feel so sorry for the family, and I wish I had $100,000 to give to them. This poor family must now carry the burden to provide for the children, grandparents.
    As far as Beauvais is concerned the death penalty should be given to her. Only those who have suffered because of hate filled people like Beauvais ranting and raving how much they hate people and then go and kill those same people will understand the trauma the Tsakos family is going through right now. My heart is heavy for your loss.
    Let’s not forget Waters, Harris, Cuomo, Lemon, de Blasio and their involvement in this.

  2. Hi ABL, good coverage. It was only a few days ago that democrats and their fellow travelers were throwing around the word accountability. I haven’t seen it in a couple days, but this lady is the poster child for “lack of accountability”. Current events are probably what made the word disappear.


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