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Joe Biden’s March 2021 Speech In Front of Joint Session of Congress Recap

Joe Biden gave a speech on Wednesday, March 28th, 2021 in front of a (mostly) Joint Session of Congress. Due to the virus, instead of the normal 1,600 member audience, there were only about 200 people in attendance. Biden spoke for about an hour and did not look tired throughout most of the speech. He did, however, start to fade toward the end. The speech was almost entirely partisan. Biden even took a couple of direct shots at Republicans for not passing certain bills that he feels passionate about.

Biden started off immediately taking shots at the previous administration. Although, ironically, Biden would try to take credit for things the previous administration did later on in his speech. He spoke about the country being “on fire” 100 days ago, most likely referring to the events of January 6th at the Capitol. Biden referred to it as the worst domestic incident since the Civil War. Surely that is an exaggeration, but at the same time, it is acceptable for the left. Simply because “January 6th insurrection” a party-wide talking point used to attack the other side. Once again, the speech was very partisan.

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Aside from the partisan nature of Biden’s speech, much of the content reeks of communism. It came off as less than a unifying American speech and more of a communist manifesto. Biden spoke about an absurd amount of tax-and-spend. An extra $4 trillion dollars of tax-and-spend beyond what has already been spent for “virus relief”. The President (and presumably the Democratic party) want to add four more years of “public” education to K-12. Two years of pre-K and two years after senior year. It is not clear if these years will be compulsory or not, but if they are, it won’t be much of a surprise. This is an issue for many conservatives, and some center-leftists because of the poor state of K-12 public education. Why add more to a system that is already deeply flawed?

Biden proposed raising taxes on the “wealthy” to pay for all of his grandiose ideas. But according to information that surfaced prior to his speech, the Democratic party’s idea of rich is any single person making above $200,000 annually. That is well-off, but not at all wealthy when compared to people that Americans think of when “wealthy” is mentioned such as Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos. Biden’s tax-hike will not just affect the “small percentage” of Americans who are directly taxed. All Americans will feel the impact of a tax hike in the way of increased prices for everyday goods and services, slower wage growth, and fewer jobs.

Senator Tim Scott from South Carolina delivered the rebuttal after Biden’s speech. The tone of his rebuttal was one of bipartisanship. Scott’s thought process is probably that the left needs to hear from a kind person the right to be able to listen to their ideas. The problem is that the radical leftists are not interested in that. Senator Scott spoke about how the radicals like to use racial slurs and racially charged terms like “Uncle Tom” against him, which is exactly what they did on Twitter. The term “Uncle Tim” trended all night. The hate came from all races of extremist leftists.

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Tim Scott did not come off as a fighter, but he did come off as diplomatic. Some conservatives liked the approach and some did not. He sent a few jabs to the other side but kept it fairly cordial. Scott made it a point to give Trump credit for Operation Warp speed. This was extremely important because Biden attempted to take credit for the vaccination rate that was already in place under the Trump administration. Overall, Tim Scott did very well during his talk. He did not grasp for air or water like other people who have done speech rebuttals such as the infamous Marco Rubio water-bottle-grabbing moment.

Joe Biden, on the other hand, simply outlined his plan for leftist extremism. Nothing in his speech spoke of bipartisanship at all. This is probably why some conservatives may have been frustrated with Tim Scott’s rebuttal. If there was no semblance of bipartisanship in Biden’s talk, why try to rebuttal with bipartisanship? Either way, Scott was able to get his points across about what makes America great. Biden was able to get his points across about why America is not great and what drastic measures must be taken to fix it.


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