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Arizona GOP Candidate Alex Stovall Exposed By Project Veritas

Alex Stovall, a 26-year-old black conservative GOP candidate from Arizona, has been exposed by a Project Veritas undercover tape. Stovall was recorded talking about how disgusting the GOP is and how they will simply vote for him because he’s black… among other things. The problem with this is that he promotes an entirely different image in public. He even advertises himself on his age and identity… the very thing he despises the GOP for noticing. Stovall has responded to PV’s exposure by saying he will release an expose of his own – mentioning Candace Owens and Kelly Ward by name.

Some would argue that Alex Stovall is simply doing what politicians do. After all, nobody really thinks that politicians are going to be honest all of the time. The expectation is that politicians usually lie. The problem with that line is of reasoning is that a growing majority of people have become tired of lying politicians. Many conservative voters don’t like the games the GOP plays sometimes. This is the exact spirit that caused Trump to become a reality. Lying to potential constituents is not necessary anymore. Citizens want an honest and forthright person in office. Not just an empty suit delivering empty promises.

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Black conservative Republicans are, in fact, a rarity. There is a segment of black politicians who rely on the “conservative” card to assist them in gaining office. Many of these people believe in some core principles of conservatism… but not quite. They have one foot in the conservative world and one foot in their past lives of liberalism.

An example of the “one foot in one foot out” paradigm would be Senator Tim Scott. He is a true conservative in the opinion of most everyone that has interacted with him or simply observed his record. But he still has one foot in the “black community” and the pro-black way of thinking. This is why he is an advocate for police reform. The overwhelming majority of conservative voters know that the issue with crime and violence in this country is not a police issue. It is a cultural issue from select groups of people. Leftist politicians often think the exact opposite and somewhat align themselves with Tim Scott.

Alex Stovall may not be a bad person but he may be receiving terrible counsel. It is best to be your authentic self on the campaign trail and behind closed doors. Because when an important decision needs to be made, which side of him will make it? The side that everyone has already seen or the guy that Project Veritas exposed to the world?

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