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Los Angeles School Bribes Boy With Pizza To Get The Vaccine

A South Los Angeles, California school is accused of bribing at least one boy with pizza to become vaccinated. The boy produced a vaccine card that was discovered by his mother. She was mortified that no one had asked her or informed her about the boy’s vaccination before it happened. The mother says the son has pre-existing medical conditions that may have precluded him from getting the shot. An administration representative from the Barack Obama Global Prep Academy denies the allegations. The rep says parents often lie about the vaccine in general and the latest allegations are probably no different.

The Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) may have done this in preparation for their January 2022 vaccine mandate. All students aged 12 and older are required to comply. The method upon which these students will be able to comply is another story. An attorney for the mother of the boy who was bribed says that children cannot consent to become vaccinated. It is purely something that the parents must allow. So all of the raffles, games, and prizes that are publicly advertised to children at the school to become vaccinated clearly operate in a legal grey area at best. Especially when the parents are completely oblivious to what is happening.

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Mom Says Son Vaccinated in Exchange for Pizza at LAUSD Without Her Consent – NBC Los Angeles

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LAUSD fires hundreds of unvaccinated employees

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