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Armed Black Militant Group “NFAC” Has Yet Another Accidental Shooting!

The armed black militant group who are known as “NFAC” has had yet another accidental shooting at one of their protests. This time, they were in Lafayette, Louisiana protesting over the police-involved shooting of a 31-year-old black male by the name of Trayford Pellerin. One of the armed men in attendance “accidentally” fired his weapon at least once but possibly twice. Apparently, nobody was seriously injured although one man appeared to be hurt and laid on the ground afterward. A convicted felon by the name of Terrance Jones was arrested on the scene.

NFAC are not strangers to gun-handling “errors” at their so-called “protests.” Another accidental shooting happened in Louisville, Kentucky back in July. The group of nearly 400 black militants was in town to protest over the issue of Breonna Taylor. One of their own group members accidentally shot their gun and wound up striking three people as a result. The group’s leader, Grandmaster Jay, downplayed the incident by saying nobody got shot although three people did, in fact, get shot.

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Although NFAC members are all black and protest against “police violence” while armed, they do not align themselves with Black Lives Matter or ANTIFA. To their credit, they have not been involved with looting or burning. Having said that, just because they aren’t outright pillagers does not make their anti-police and racist black separatist movement stand on a pillar of virtue. NFAC claims to be prepared to fight against any white supremacists and any other racist organization. But the reality is that they are more dangerous to themselves and those they purport themselves to help than these imaginary “white supremacist” groups they protest about are.


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