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Trump Leaves Walter Reed And The Media Are Devastated!

President Donald Trump will leave Walter Reed hospital at 6:30pm EST on Monday, October 5th, 2020 after a brief stay to get treated for the virus. He was admitted just a few days ago on Friday, October 5th. The President had mild symptoms including a lower-than-usual oxygen level, but nothing too major. Going to Walter Reed was more of a precautionary measure than anything else due to the immediate availability of doctors and medical supplies that would be necessary to treat the President while he has the virus.

The President’s doctors say that he has no lingering effects from the medication and that he is “back.” Trump is expected to resume normal duties in the White House as soon as Tuesday, October 6th. As a matter of fact, the President never really ceased his formal duties while in the hospital even though doctors and aides urged him to take a load off and rest. Trump was on a variety of medications to treat the virus. These medications include the controversial “Remdesivir” but not hydroxychloroquine – although the President did ask about it.

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Concerned supporters prayed and gathered outside of Walter Reed Hospital in Bethesda, Maryland for support while others supported him from afar. Ironically enough, mainstream media and radical leftists appear to be the hardest hit by Trump’s virus diagnosis. Several high-name journalists and even entire TV stations have gone into what can only be described as a full-on meltdown. Media types are also nit-picking every single thing then changing stances they held moments before a headline is produced.

One large point of contention was the “joyride” or “drive-by” that the President did while still technically admitted into the hospital. Trump recorded several videos from the hospital ensuring the nation that he was OK and in good spirits. In one of these videos, the President told his supporters outside of Walter Reed (who were given a mountain of pizza by a secret admirer?) that he would give them a surprise. Moments later, he got into a gigantic SUV with secret service and a lap around the hospital, waving at fans and the media.

When Trump was initially hospitalized, a conspiracy theory arose from the left alleging that he did not actually have the virus. They said that Trump simply wanted attention, sympathy, and/or an excuse to ditch the next debate with Joe Biden. The very same people who floated that conspiracy theory of Trump not having the virus attacked him for “endangering” Secret Service. Even though Trump wore a mask and was behind a thick plexiglass wall inside of the vehicle.

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Entertainers like Chris Rock got on stage at SNL (who are allowed to have an audience in NYC unlike Broadway) and gave his prayers to the virus instead of Trump. Other celebs and politicos basically jumped for joy. It was a mess. But nothing that should surprise anyone, after all… these are the same people who tried to destroy Brett Kavanaugh from baseless allegations. The same people who attempted to remove Trump from office with the campaign spying, the Russia pee-gate dossier, then the fake impeachment over the Ukraine phone call.

Trump appears to have beaten the virus although time may still tell a different story when it is all said and done. Others in the White House have the virus including the First Lady, obviously. Then there is Kayleigh McEnany, Chris Christie, Kellyanne Conway, and a host of others. Interestingly enough, nobody from the left side of aisle appears to have contracted the virus. Mainstream media will attribute it to a lack of mask-wearing but Nancy Pelosi and others have been photographed without masks on in public. The question of how this outbreak started and if it was intentional will be asked and probably answered on a different day.


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