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Atlanta Car Thief Leaps From Fifth Floor Of Parking Deck During Police Chase

An Atlanta car thief leaped from the fifth floor of an apartment complex’s parking deck near Lenox Mall during a police chase. The thief was one of four males between the ages of 18-21 who were all pursued by police. This chase happened around 2 a.m. after an alert of vehicle break-ins at the complex.

This type of crime has become epidemic in Atlanta so the officers were motivated to catch these individuals. Two of the males were captured trying to exit a crashed (and possibly stolen) vehicle. Another male was apparently inside the car in the back seat. Police body camera footage showed an officer chasing down yet another suspect wearing a grey hoodie. This person wound up jumping out of the parking deck at the fifth-floor level, plunging several stories to the concrete surface below. The suspect who jumped was sent to the hospital with minor injuries.

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  1. yawn. stolen cars. illegal guns. disobeyed police and fled. all black. just the usual every day hotlanta goings on. theyll be out on cashless bail within 24 hours and then be back in the news for murder (or being murdered) next week. no story here.. yawn.

  2. He is too damn stupid to be a thief, he would be better off as the guy who picks up human waste on sidewalks. He would probably screw that up too nut at least he would be starting out on the sidewalk and if he jumps it won’t be but a few feet.

  3. What a complete and utter useless waste of space idiotic loser of life. But yeah somehow theyll spin it so its the white cops fault.


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