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Atlanta Barbershop Owner Says Trump Tricked Him But Receipts Say Otherwise

An Atlanta barbershop owner says Trump’s team tricked him into holding a political event at his establishment. The owner of Rocky’s Barbershop, located in the Buckhead neighborhood of Atlanta, says he was told that the pre-debate black conservative event would be more of a black business expo. He also stated that Trump calling in during the event was a gut punch. During an interview with the local Atlanta news station “11 Alive”, the man said he received quite a few angry phone calls from people he didn’t know after the event went live on social media and television.

Trump’s campaign responded by posting the contract that Rocky’s Barbershop signed with Donald Trump’s campaign. In the very first line of the contract, Donald Trump’s name is present. On that same line, the owner wrote “Rocky’s Barbershop” as the venue for the political event. The phrase “political event” is written within the first two or three sentences. Rocky’s Barbershop was also paid $4,800 for the space usage. There is no mistaking this event as anything else other than a campaign stop for Team Trump.

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