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Brooklyn Church Robbed Of 400k In Jewelry During Sunday Service

Bishop Lamor Whitehead and his wife were victims of a 400k armed robbery during their church service in Brooklyn, New York City. Four armed young black males entered the Canarsie, Brooklyn church after kicking in a back door. The pastor immediately recognized what was happening and told his 100+ parishioners to get down on the ground. Whitehead didn’t know if the men would shoot up the church or not. What the pastor did know, however, is that the men were most likely coming for him. And his guess was correct. The armed gunmen stole jewelry from the pastor and also the pastor’s wife including gold neck chains and wedding rings.

This is not the first time Lamor Whitehead has been front and center of breaking news in New York City. He was also involved with the now-infamous Q train shooter situation. On Sunday, May 22nd of 2022, Daniel Enriquez was shot and killed in broad daylight on the subway while on his way to brunch. A black male suspect by the name of Andrew Abdullah was immediately identified. Lamor Whitehead claimed to have some of Abdullah’s family members as part of his congregation. The pastor says he contacted the suspect’s family to broker a surrender to the police. Whitehead also called NYC Mayor Eric Adams, who apparently has been a connection of his for a while, to fill him in on the details of the situation.

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The high level of publicity surrounding the Q train shooting allowed the media to label Lamor Whitehead as the “bling-bling pastor” due to his flashy style of dress and excessive jewelry. Whitehead says this characterization of him turned him into a target of criminals. This, of course, may be true but it would not be possible if Whitehead was not a flashy person. Judging by the nature of the robbery and the gunmen making a beeline for jewelry and nothing more, the robbers watched the media and watched Lamor Whitehead’s moves as well. A story like this will not make mainstream media due to the lack of any shooting victims, the lack of any racial controversy due to the crime being black-on-black, and the lack of any sort of big scary rifle that the media portrays as worse than nuclear warheads.


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