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Atlanta City Councilman Votes To Defund Police By $73 Million, Winds Up Carjacked in Atlanta

Atlanta City Councilman Antonio Brown, a proponent of defunding the police, had his car stolen from him in northwest Atlanta. Although the measure to remove $73 million dollars from Atlanta’s budget that would go toward police ultimately failed, Brown most certainly did not want it to fail. But the first thing he did when his car was stolen (actually… carjacked?) from him was to call the police. Brown then actually complained to the local news that he was on hold with dispatch for over five minutes and that police took another 45 minutes to show up.

Antonio Brown had just come from a ribbon-cutting ceremony on the east side of the city on Moreland Street. He made his way up to the northwest side and stopped in a parking lot to speak with some people. He parked his 2016 Mercedes 450 SUV with keyless entry on the side of the parking lot, directly beside the street. Brown told authorities and local news that a group of very young kids walked near his direction. Before he knew it, they were inside of the car and were speeding off. Brown attempted to stop the theft from happening but found himself being dragged for about a half block before he let go to prevent serious injury. This is why the report of a “stolen car” is not necessarily accurate since he was directly in harm’s way.

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This story is interesting for a variety of reasons. First of all, Antonio Brown is in favor of defunding Atlanta police, yet called Atlanta police when he was carjacked. He then complained about the speediness (or lack thereof) of their service. As if removing $73 million dollars from ADP’s budget would improve that at all. Brown also said that he would not press charges against the “kids” who “stole” his car. It’s not quite clear how his car will be recovered if he won’t fully cooperate with police. Then there is the issue of Antonio Brown’s pending indictment on several federal fraud charges.

A federal prison is a likely place that Antonio Brown may end up. Brown says all of the charges stem from allegations before he became a city councilman back in 2019. Maybe he won’t press charges for his $75,000+ plus vehicle being carjacked from him because that could interfere with his own court case.

In any event, cases like this highlight the complete and utter hypocrisy from the left. They speak of the virtues of defunding police but as soon as anything bad happens to them, they call the police right away and they want service at the speed of light. They talk about how the criminal justice system is what forces kids into lives of crime but he called the police on black kids with full descriptions, age range, location, and everything else. All of this is simply to gain “woke” points and to get reelected. A shame really. But it all makes sense considering the current federal indictment on his head. Antonio Brown simply went from one scam to another.

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