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Marc Lamont Hill Has Trainwreck Critical Race Theory Debate With Christopher Rufo

Former CNN contributor Marc Lamont Hill invited conservative-leaning author Christopher Rufo to his “Black News Channel” show to have a discussion about Critical Race Theory (CRT). The discussion quickly became a debate and for lack of better words… things got weird. Very weird. If Marc Lamont Hill was not a black liberal, shielded from accusations of racism by mainstream media, his words would most certainly be deemed as racist. The back-and-forth exchange between Hill and Rufo clearly showed why CRT is a dangerous ideology and should not be taught to children.

A two-minute clip from the 25-minute segment has gone viral. Although there were several eye-raising questions and points made throughout the “news” segment, the viral clip sums up everything wrong with the “discussion” and CRT as a whole. Marc Lamont Hill, who is black, asked Christopher Rufo, who is white, to name “something positive about being white”.

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The previous statement needs more context. Hill is very liberal and a proponent of critical race theory while Christopher Rufo is not. Rufo was explaining to Hill that Critical Race Theory paints white people as belonging to an evil, hateful group. He then explained the obvious – that such ideology is racist. Hill countered that by asking Rufo to name the positive things about being white since Rufo rejects the notion that whites cannot be good. Hill even gave a few examples of why he enjoys his “blackness” and then prompted Rufo to do the same.

If Christopher Rufo answered Marc Lamont Hill’s “what do you like about being white” question in the way that Hill asked him to, Hill would most certainly use it against him. If not Hill, then others who identify with the way Hill thinks would most certainly do it for him.

Rufo did, however, mention racist literature floating around academia about the idea of “whiteness”. This literature states that certain principles and ideology like timeliness, the nuclear family, working hard, and Christianity are derived from “white culture”. The paper then goes on to say that since those aforementioned qualities come from “whiteness” then “people of color” should not be expected to live up to those standards. Read another way, it means that nonwhites are incapable of having a two-parent household and being on time. The bottom line? These are racist ideas. But, alas, this is Critical Race Theory. Racist to the core, shielded with the facade of virtuosity.

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