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Attempted Hate Hoax Exposed By Security Camera Footage

The building blocks of a hate hoax in North Carolina came tumbling down after the alleged culprits were caught in the act on camera. Context is needed here to paint a clear picture of what happened. The owner of a car lot noticed that several of his cars were vandalized in several different ways.

Windows were smashed out, paint was scratched up, and some racist graffiti was spray-painted on at least one of the cars. The graffiti included an attempt (failed attempt) at a swastika and also of what appears to be a Klan hood. The car lot owner, who is black, decided to install cameras on his property to catch the vandals in the act. Less than 24 hours later, his wish was granted.

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Two young black males were recorded on camera vandalizing the car lot. They rummaged through cars, smashed windows of others, and even smoked some Black and Mild cigars that they had taken from one of the cars. The car lot’s owner remarked that the males attempted to start some of the cars but were unsuccessful. Judging by the times where they paused to look on their phones, the lot owner says they may have been researching how to “hotwire” the cars on YouTube. Ultimately, the vandals did not get away with anything of value and simply just made a giant, embarrassing mess of damage.


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