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Atlanta Homeowner Arrested After Trying To Evict Squatter

An Atlanta area homeowner, Tim Arko, was arrested by local police after attempting to evict a squatter. Arko went to check on his Decatur rental property after the most recent tenant left. What he discovered was that a squatter had taken over. The squatter greeted Arko at the door by brandishing a gun. Arko says that he took off and ran. Before escaping the scene, the homeowner saw a broken down fence, a bunch of dogs in the backyard, and a prostitute. To add insult to injury, the squatter called the police on Arko, saying that he was a home invader. The police arrived and actually arrested the homeowner. After Arko was able to provide evidence that he was, in fact, the homeowner, he was not charged with a crime. The eviction process must go through the courts and is currently pending for the property to take place in September, although the squatting began back in February.


Homeowner arrested after trying to evict squatters from his house

This man says squatters took over his home – he got arrested when he called the police on them – YouTube

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