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Hundreds Of Pages Of Ron DeSantis Campaign Strategy Documents Leak Online

Hundreds of pages of advice, internal memos, and direct debate strategy talking points from the Ron DeSantis campaign have been leaked online. The New York Times acquired the document from a tip through an anonymous source. Axiom Strategies, a PR firm connected to the main PAC supporting Ron DeSantis, actually posted the document to its own website. It is considered unethical and perhaps illegal for PACs to give Presidential candidates direct advice like what is in the leaked document. A workaround for this is for PACs to publicly post information to their own websites but in a way where only insiders could find it. The anonymous source here could be an insider with the intention of derailing the DeSantis campaign.

Some of the advice was downright embarrassing and it makes DeSantis look like a puppet. The timing of this leak couldn’t be worse. The very first debate of the 2024 Presidential Election campaign cycle is in Milwaukee, Wisconsin next Wednesday. The leaked document had direct advice to DeSantis as it relates to the strategy he should take during the debate. The Governor from Florida was advised to “hammer” Vivek Ramaswamy due to his rising poll numbers. He was also advised to defend Donald Trump when Chris Christie attacks him. Of course, there was instruction to also go hard on President Biden. Most of the advice makes sense, however, some of it was a little bit too specific and if DeSantis goes on stage and does any of it, he would appear to be a puppet.

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MSNBC on X: “NEW: Hundreds of pages of DeSantis’ debate strategy have been leaked online, including advice like “defend Trump” and “hammer Ramaswamy.” “This is not normal,” @Timodc says. “The whole thing just wreaks of desperation.”″ / X

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