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Atlanta Junkie Squatters Terrorize Senior Living Facility

Several residents at the Veranda at Collegetown have pleaded to the City of Atlanta for help after their complex was taken over by addict squatters. The West End neighborhood apartment complex was built with the intention of housing seniors on subsidy from the city. However, the lack of security, troublesome tenants, and outright squatters has created a dangerous situation. Residents and their family members express concern for all of the illegal activity that is going on. Squatting is a nationwide issue in single-family homes, and it is an even more dangerous issue in apartments where lawful tenants must share spaces with criminal drug addicts.


Atlanta senior home plagued by ‘junkie’ squatters, rampant crime, residents say | Fox News

Residents alarmed by rampant crime, squatters at Atlanta senior living facility

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