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Aunt Jemima Now Deemed RACIST!

The Aunt Jemima brand of breakfast foods that includes syrup and pancake mix will change its name and mascot after moderate internet outrage. A small, vocal minority of people expressed concern with the history of Aunt Jemima. The name comes from a song featured in a minstrel show. The original woman on the box, who at the time was the first living trademark, was picked to represent a “mammy” or a black maid common during slavery.

Aunt Jemima has gone through a “makeover” of sorts before. The woman on the pancake syrup bottle is not the same as the original from 1889. On the original packaging, the woman was darker skinned, somewhat overweight, and was wearing a headscarf. That makeover happened back in 1989. But fast forward to a time of heightened sensitivity to nearly everything, and that makeover is not good enough. They want to ruin the entire brand.

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The reality is that the first brand of Aunt Jemima was not truly seen as offensive by the overwhelming majority of people regardless of race. Aunt Jemima’s facial features were not exaggerated like a minstrel show poster. She looked like a real person and still does today even after the “makeover.” The same thing can be said for under brands that are under “fire” by the woke liberal internet mob.

Domino Effect

Uncle Ben’s rice features an elderly, clean-shaven black man wearing a suit and bowtie. The same woke mob has descended upon this brand, claiming that it has “racist” origins. They, too, have pledged to change it’s branding to acquiesce to the vocal minority of people who are offended. Uncle Ben’s rice is a staple in the majority of households in America, especially black households.

Cream of Wheat instant hot cereal is also being targeted due to “racist” origins of their mascot. Apparently, a black man with a white suit, chef hat, and red bowtie holding a bowl of hot cream of wheat is “racist.” Mrs. Butterworth’s syrup does not even have an official mascot. It is a clear bottle in the shape of a woman with an apron on. But since the syrup is brown and people may think that the woman is black, then somehow it is offensive and should be changed.

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Most black Americans take pride in seeing faces that look like themselves on products in stores that everyone can enjoy. But how much longer will that last? At this point, it’s nearly impossible to tell.


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  1. Hey Anthony… I had to give you a shout out thank you so much for your show. Growing up in Memphis Tennessee Jackson Mississippi and having parents that moved us there the kids from the north was an experience… we had visits from the KKK. I have many stories …
    One of my favorite songs I used to sing while riding my bicycle was, “Aunt Jemima pancakes without her syrup is like the Spring without the Fall there’s only one thing worse in this universe and that’s no Aunt Jemima at all.”
    May God continue to bless your journey.
    All the best to you for today.

  2. I saw your video and got to thinking. I think the issue is not that the images are racist or playing on stereotypes but in the simple minds of progressives some sort or cultural appropriation since the beloved item is not owned by the race depicted. Just another issue with social justice. I don’t get on why do it this way except that circumstances make it cheap and easy to shame right now and the manufacturers just seem all but ready to give up their branding. Also, take a look into HBO allowing the viewing of the Watchman TV series which has some racial aspects in it being centered and featured are the Tulsa massacre on the same weekend as the Tulsa Trump rally. I am not sure if anyone has picked up on that yet and called them on that yet. Thanks for your hard work and for putting out great content.

  3. I found sited online what was offensive is the terms Aunt and Uncle. It was sited the whites of the times would not give respect with the terms Mr. And Mrs. So we ened up with Uncle Tom, Uncle Remus, Uncle Ben and Aunt Jemima. P.S. love the show.

  4. Thank you for taking on this issue. Why is the legacy of these black models being wiped out because some people want to cause division in this country?

  5. Dear Sir,

    Someone needs to keep a record of all that is being changed or lost. Where were the old monuments that have been damaged and destroy. Flags such as the old Georgia flag and many more removed and changed.

    Products labels, books, movies, and the list goes on and on. Next will be the English language. Removing words like master. What people really want is no more white people.

    We need pictures, and names of those who protest history. We need an under ground museum where our history can live again without haters.




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