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Ayanna Pressley Blames Boston Walgreens Closure On Racism

Massachusetts Democratic House Rep Ayanna Pressley is blaming the closure of a local Walgreens location on racism. The Roxbury Walgreens announced its closure with the official reason of “downsizing.” In reality, however, the store has been racked by outrageous amounts of theft for a long time. This same scenario has played out in other neighborhoods in Boston that just happen to be “black and brown,” as Ayanna Pressley so eloquently put it.

Due to the demographics of the neighborhoods that have experienced Walgreens closures, Pressley blames the closures on racism. She says that when the retail and pharmacy giant leaves a community, they take a much-needed resource that provides jobs. Her sentiments are echoed by members of the community in Roxbury. Local news interviewed religious leaders and community organizers who say that Walgreens should not focus as much on the “bottom line” as they do on the elderly and sick people who depend on their store locations.

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Ayanna Pressley blasts Walgreens for Roxbury pharmacy closure

“It stinks”: Roxbury community frustrated by Walgreens closing – Boston News, Weather, Sports | WHDH 7News

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