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Swarm Of NYC Migrants Attack NYPD In Times Square

A swarm of at least five NYC migrants attacked two NYPD officers in Times Square. The attack started off as a relatively peaceful discussion between police and the so-called “asylum seekers.” A now-viral video shows the discussion take a turn, with one of the officers attempting to get one of the migrants on the ground. This action resulted in other migrants jumping into the fray. The video shows migrants throwing punches and kicks at officers on the ground.

Five of the migrants were arrested on assault charges. All five were released without bail. Newly-released video shows the migrants flashing the middle finger at cameras as they leave court. New York Governor Kathy Hochul suggests deporting the individuals involved with the attack on NYPD officers. This is quite the contrast to her “Sanctuary State” policy, which has the stated goal of not revealing migrant’s immigration status to Federal agents to avoid deportation.

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