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Baby Trapped In Sweltering Hot Tesla After Battery Dies In Arizona

The battery of a grandmother’s Tesla failed at the absolute worst moment – just after she loaded her 20-month-old grandchild into the back seat and closed the door. Since Tesla does not have mechanical door handles on the outside, there is no way to open the vehicle without the functionality of its 12-volt battery. This was a dangerous situation due to one major reason – the Arizona heat. With each moment that passes, the internal temperature of the Tesla steadily increases.

The grandmother had no other alternative aside from calling the police. When they arrived, they expressed dismay at the vehicle being a Tesla. They stated that they cannot get into those cars. Police wound up shattering a window with an axe that they had taped up before to prevent glass from breaking into the toddler in the car seat. Luckily, the child was rescued, and everything was fine. But that situation could have been a lot worse.

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