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Baltimore City State’s Attorney Indicted On Federal Charges

Baltimore City State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby has been indicted by the F.B.I. on charges of lying on a mortgage application to purchase two homes in Florida. There are two separate allegations here. The first is that Mosby lied about not having any tax debt and/or lien. There is currently a lien against Marilyn and her husband Nick to the tune of $45,000. The lien was imposed by the IRS back in 2020 for the years 2014-2016. Mosby also allegedly lied about having a “virus hardship” which enabled her to retrieve $90,000 from her retirement account without penalty.

Marilyn and Nick Mosby purchased two homes in Florida worth well over one million dollars combined. One of the homes is a condominium and the other is a traditional house. This is not the first time the Mosbys have been accused of handling their money in an inappropriate fashion. Allegations of campaign money misappropriation were lobbed in their direction a few years back. Marilyn Mosby says she has accrued $500,000 in legal fees. These fees have been paid by a mysterious fund that the Mosbys have set up. Numerous attempts by local media to pinpoint the source of the fund’s donations have come up short.

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The Mosby’s financial hardships are perplexing to many. Marilyn is a lawyer and has been Baltimore City State’s Attorney since 2015. Nick is an electrical engineer by trade. He has been the project lead for companies like Verizon. If they are able to afford at least one million dollars in real estate, then why can’t they pay off a $45,000 tax debt? Surely they can afford that just from Marilyn’s salary of around $250,000 alone. Not to mention whatever Nick brings in as a highly-skilled tradesman and as the President of Baltimore City Council.

What is happening here with the Mosby’s is unfortunate but not necessarily surprising. Back in 2015, Marilyn appeared on stage with Prince at a Freddie Gray tribute concert. She is the prosecutor who decided to charge the officers who were allegedly involved with his death. Clearly, her appearance at that event was a conflict of interest, showing clear bias. The problem with that event is not much different than the problem with allegedly lying on paperwork to gain access to cash at a reduced rate. Some politicians think they are above the law. And if there are no convictions in a case like this, then it’s difficult to tell them that they’re wrong.


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