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Train Robberies Hit Record High In Los Angeles California

Union Pacific reports that train robberies are up over 350% in Los Angeles, California. Criminals are not robbing passengers on the train like an old country-western movie. They are breaking into stopped trains to loot packages shipped by Amazon, FedEx, UPS, etc. LAPD and Union Pacific both report that suspects regularly get arrested. Unfortunately, local politics has created an environment that caters to lawless individuals. Criminal justice reform initiatives have created disastrous policies like zero bail where a person gets arrested then released without having to pay any cash to do so. Whenever anyone gets arrested while robbing a train or shortly thereafter, they are booked then promptly released. And of course, these criminals immediately return to the rail cars to rob them again.

The mess that criminals leave after they get done robbing stopped container cars is ridiculous. Video of the tracks has surfaced online and it shows an area of complete filth. LAPD says that they cleared out the trash surrounding the Lincoln Heights tracks just thirty days ago. The reason why the area became filthy again so quickly is because of local politics. Again, criminals get caught and released like fish. So they immediately return to the tracks to steal again. Since these people have no respect for the law, they also have no respect for the environment in which they break the law. They open packages destined for individual people’s homes and businesses to loot whatever is inside. The boxes simply get discarded wherever they find them.

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