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Baltimore School Principal Framed In Hate Hoax With Artificial Intelligence

A high school athletics director in Baltimore, Maryland, framed the principal in a hate hoax with the help of artificial intelligence. Earlier this year, audio alleged to be of Pikesville High School principal Eric Eiswert went viral on social media.

The audio contained racist and antisemitic language. There was an immediate backlash, and Eiswert was temporarily removed from the school, although not outright fired. The school was inundated with phone calls angry about the audio in one way or another. An investigation was launched to determine the validity of the audio, and Eiswert and his allies stated that it was fake from the beginning.

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The investigation determined that 31-year-old Dazhon Darien used AI software to fabricate the audio and frame the principal. Darien was arrested by local authorities at BWI Baltimore Airport as he attempted to board a plane to Houston with a firearm. Darien was also shown to have an outstanding arrest for an unrelated offense.

Regarding this incident, Darien is being charged with using AI to impersonate Eiswert, theft, and retaliating against a witness. The hoax was likely carried out because Darien retaliated against the Principal for launching an investigation into his alleged embezzlement from the school.


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