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Barbara Lee Wants Outrageous $50 Minimum Wage

Democratic House Rep Barbara Lee recently appeared on a debate stage and stated her case for a $50 federal minimum wage. Lee has been a House Rep in a district mainly covering Oakland since 1998. She was debating other candidates who were running for US Senate in California.

The moderator raised Lee’s desire for a tremendous wage increase from $7.25 to $50. Lee affirmed her previous ask, stating the cost of living in California. She backtracked, saying that a federal minimum wage of $20 to $25 might make more sense, but her primary concern is California. Republican California Senate candidate Steve Garvey responded with a common sense answer to the minimum wage question. He said that such an increase would cause an exponential rise in the cost of living.

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$50 minimum wage? Here’s what U.S. Senate candidates for California say

End Wokeness on X: “Senate candidate Rep. Barbara Lee has a solution to inflation and high prices: Raise the minimum wage to $50 an hour” / X

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