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Biden Administration Introduces Travel Restrictions For Several Southern African Nations

The Biden administration introduces a travel ban (or, “travel restrictions”) for several southern African countries including South Africa. This is in response to a new variant of the bug called “Omicron”. The ban is intended to contain the bug from spreading from Africa into the United States. South Africa responded to the travel ban by saying they feel “punished” and that the ban is “unjustified”. They feel like the ban is a sort of retaliation against them for alerting the world of the new variant. Mainstream media is pretty much silent on the matter which is a far cry from their reaction to Trump’s travel ban on China back in 2020.

Joe Biden himself actually railed against Trump on at least two different occasions for enacting travel bans. The first ban Biden attacked Trump over was ironically enough labeled the “African Ban” because Nigeria, Sudan, and other nations were on the list. Biden labeled the ban as racist against black and brown people who were simply trying to enter the United States. Trump placed a travel ban on China a short while after the “Africa Ban” in order to contain the bug. This is the exact same reason why Biden says the 2021 “Africa Ban” is in place. The current administration essentially copied the strategy that Trump used last year even though they labeled it “racist”.

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South Africa Feels Punished for Alerting World to New Variant – The New York Times

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Biden delayed Africa travel ban over Omicron on advice of advisers led by Fauci

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Joe Biden on Twitter: “Trump further diminished the U.S. in the eyes of the world by expanding his travel ban. This new “African Ban,” is designed to make it harder for black and brown people to immigrate to the United States. It’s a disgrace, and we cannot let him succeed. https://t.co/oePD5eSAWY” / Twitter

Kevin McCarthy on Twitter: “Trump travel ban from China→ they call it racist. Trump travel ban from Europe→ they call it an abuse of power. Biden travel ban from India→ they call it “leadership.” And it comes a week after House Dems voted to weaken the travel ban authority altogether. Pure hypocrisy.” / Twitter

Statement from Vice President Joe Biden on Donald Trump’s Expanded Travel Ban | by Joe Biden | Medium

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