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Biden Announces All-Female Senior Comms Team. But is this New?

The “Pander” Bear Joe Biden is back at it again. The Vice President (who the media continues to call president-elect) did his power sprint down an aisle wearing a crooked mask to reveal members of his so-called “cabinet.”

Biden pulled a stunt in appointing an all-female communications staff, a move that is said to “disrupt how journalists cover the administration,” according to an article by the Washington Post. But this is nothing novel as President Trump already has women serving in senior press aide roles.

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Gloriously, the Internet came through as Twitter users responded to Biden’s cabinet announcement. (Thank GOD for Kayleigh McEnany who will go down in history as a legendary press secretary.)

Either way, patriotic women are tired of being used as props. Whether it’s the first time or the last time, we just want someone who does a great job for a change.

Most Americans could care less about whether a man or a woman sits at a particular desk so long as the job gets done. Little does Biden know that his pandering serves to make a woman look bad should she be appointed to a role and do poorly at it or even gets fired and replaced by a man.

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We want to assume that anyone, regardless of gender, is worthy for a job in their profession so long as they excel at it. But when demographics come before diligence, we sometimes leave room for incompetence and shouldn’t be surprised when it happens.

The Left is forever consumed with having “diverse perspectives” that they forget the one perspective that matters — the truth. In a communications role, one shouldn’t be able to identify who wrote an article or press release. The identity of the communicator should come last. Competence comes first.

If Biden keeps stuffing his Cabinet with rainbows and unicorns, his team will never be taken seriously by real media outlets who simply want facts, not virtue signaling opinions that feel good.

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