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President Trump Roasts Reporter’s Turkey on Thanksgiving Day

On Thanksgiving Day, President Donald Trump addressed the media regarding the 2020 Election and his response to one haughty reporter was glorious.

President Trump was discussing how former Vice President Joe Biden somehow garnered more votes than former President Barack Obama in key swing states — a statistic many believe is highly implausible.

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But before President Trump could finish his statement, Reuter’s reporter Jeff Mason rudely interrupts. Poor thing didn’t realize he had walked into the heat of the kitchen.

The reporter had some nerve to press President Trump about possible concession. His roast was just in time for a Thanksgiving feast.

Later Trump tweeted about his news conference, claiming that it wasn’t widely promoted by the mainstream media. (Surprise!) Despite this, his address gained tens of thousands of views on Twitter alone.

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President Trump Roasts Reporter's Turkey on Thanksgiving Day

Meanwhile, Biden’s “Thanksgiving Day” address is said to have garnered a measly 1,000 views. Trump tweeted this, calling to question whether a candidate who was able to manage 80 million votes could get such a dismal digital turnout.

There’s a lot to be thankful for every Thanksgiving. But Americans certainly aren’t grateful for mainstream media gaslighting the people. Downplaying Trump’s address and putting election stickers on every single one of his social posts is not the way to instill a confident viewership.

CNN already went through this fire. Fox News is currently getting a taste of it. And if any other media outlets would like to know what a significant drop in ratings tastes like, then they can keep trying the American people.

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