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Biden Introduces “Shots At The Shop” To Convince Black Americans To Get The Vaccine

Joe Biden announced a collaboration with 1,000 black-owned barbershops and beauty salons to provide access to the vaccine. The Federal Government will work with the Black Coalition Against COVID in the effort called “Shots At The Shop”. These black businesses will not only assist patrons in setting up appointments to get the vaccine, but some of them will also offer on-site vaccinations. Biden says this decision was made because barbershops and beauty salons are hubs of information and resources in black communities across the nation.

The “Shots At The Shop” program is not necessarily unique in it’s approach. Rumor has it that churches have already been used in this same way. Churches, especially in the black community, have historically been used to reach hesitant members of the black community. If history is to be studied and learned from, then the church involvement with the state is always a red flag. Black churches were used to spread the message of abortion being a safe alternative to black single mothers. Since that started, the black birthrate has plummeted to a point where it is below the replacement rate.

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Vaccine hesitancy among black Americans will not end any time soon. The Tuskegee Experiment is often brought up when Government officials try to convince “people of color” to get the shot. The retort to Tuskegee is that it was a “long time ago” but the same people who say that also talk about slavery as a reason why there are racial issues in America today. The majority of people trying to convince others of the vaccine’s safety are on the left. The distrust they are facing toward the vaccine is, quite frankly, a product of the left’s own doing. On one side of their mouth they will say “trust the science” and take the vaccine, but on the other side that United States is racist and cannot be trusted. Quite the conundrum.


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