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Thousands of Fauci Emails Released To The General Public via FOIA Request

Dr. Anthony Fauci’s emails starting from the beginning of the pandemic in April of 2020 have been released to the general public via FOIA request. There are hundreds of pages and around 3200 individual emails to comb through so much of the information is still being parsed through as of the writing of this article. Many critics of Fauci, however, have been vindicated with what is known thus far. Even stone-cold leftists critics of the Trump administration are having second thoughts about Fauci. Rumor has it that Fauci’s days may be numbered in the Biden White House due to the contents of the newly-released emails.


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One thing that is crystal clear from the batch of released emails is that Fauci has changed his mind quite often on very important issues relating to the virus. Or, to make it a little plainer, Fauci is a flip-flopper. The beleaguered doctor has changed his stance on masks, the origination of the virus, and more. The biggest revelation is more of a confirmation – and that is about the masks.

In February of 2020, he gave essentially the same statement on masks that he gave on his March 2020 “CBS 60 Minutes” appearance. Fauci said that the typical store-bought cloth masks don’t really do anything to help the wearer. There is no evidence that store-bought typical masks have been proven to be more effective against “the virus” than any other virus. Fauci may try and cover up the mask issue with the excuse of “we have more evidence” but the statement in itself does not make much sense.

There are also some very strange emails in the batch available to the public. One of them features a “March Madness” College Basketball-style graphic featuring different viruses. Obviously, “the” virus is the winner of the bracket. It was apparently signed and dated by Anthony Fauci back in March of 2020. Another email shows Fauci cozying up to a Chinese official. Foreign news media allegedly misquoted the Chinese official by saying he thought Fauci was irresponsible to tell people to not wear masks.

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Fauci mentioned that he did not quite understand (or really care for) the onslaught of attention that he was getting. It shouldn’t be hard to understand. After all, he was on television speaking every day about a virus that took the entire world hostage. He also did nearly every interview possible. Magazine after magazine featured Fauci in a new pose and new outfit as some variation “America’s doctor”. Fauci was everywhere in the press, and continues to be so today. But his 15 minutes of fame may be coming to an end almost immediately. Fauci’s latest fame play, a book about his time dealing with the virus, has already been de-listed by major retailers. This may just be the beginning of Fauci’s end.


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