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Amazon Rails Against Vote By Mail in The Ultimate Display of Hypocrisy

Online retail giant Amazon recently came out against vote by mail for warehouse employees in Bessemer, Alabama set to vote on unionizing. Amazon cites issues with potential fraud in the mail-in voting process and several other reasons as justifications for their stance. Ironically enough, Amazon owns the Washington Post, which came out strongly against Trump and Trump supporters for any allegations of voting irregularities when it comes to vote-by-mail. The web hosting company Amazon Web Services (AWS) recently de-platformed the social media company “Parler” for actions in relation to vote-by-mail critique.


Amazon requests unionizing vote to be held in person despite COVID-19

Amazon is pushing for a milestone union vote to take place in person despite the pandemic – CNN

Amazon Union Drive Takes Hold in Unlikely Place – The New York Times

Five myths about mail-in voting – The Washington Post

Amazon’s Aggressive Anti-Union Tactics Revealed in Leaked 45-Minute Video

Amazon Requests In-Person Union Vote in Covid-Hit Alabama – Bloomberg

Amazon Workers Near Vote on Joining Union at Alabama Warehouse – The New York Times

Whole Foods is reportedly using a heat map to track stores at risk of unionization – The Verge

Trump considered naming new AG to help push baseless claims of voter fraud

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  1. Good article… talk is just that talk… actions show what people’s true intentions are. The fact that Amazon doesn’t want mail in voting solidified the fact that they know it’s less secure. The conspiratorial edge may be they are afraid because they know the union organizers and know from recent experience that the organizers know how to commit wide spread voter fraud through vote by mail.


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