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Biden Unwinds Trump Triumphs with Several EOs

The Biden Administration should consider changing their slogan from “Build Back Better” to “Bring Back Barack.” The 46th president signed over a dozen executive orders, some of which echo the Obama years.

Climate: Among President Biden’s first executive orders is a bunch of hot air. Biden is rolling back the United States’ departure from the Paris Climate Accord which of course appeases climate activists. But he also promises to call out and implement “strong measures” against other nations that skirt their commitments to climate change.

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Killing the Keystone XL Pipeline and the jobs that come with it: So also in the name of climate change, Biden shut down the Keystone XL Pipeline project, which makes us wonder how U.S.-Canadian relations will fare considering that Canada sells all of its oil to its southern neighbor. This move also signed away a good bit of jobs. (Remind me, what exactly are we “building back,” Joe?)

COVID-19 and the economy: It appears the Biden Administration wants to weave a $15/hour federal minimum wage into the pandemic relief fund. So not only will small businesses be crippled by oppressive pandemic mandates, they also won’t be able to afford to pay their staff. This money move doesn’t look too great for the employed, either. According to analysis conducted by the Congressional Budget Office, Biden’s flick of a pen could result in a loss of 3.7 billion jobs.

Patriotic education in peril: Biden also signed an executive order that would eliminate the 1776 Commission — an educational effort to promote American history in schools. The new administration issued a statement suggesting that the program seeks to “erase America’s history of racial injustice.” It’s a sad day when the highest seat in our nation only wants to remind its citizens with what went wrong with our nation in the past and nothing about what our forefathers did right.

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Also, getting rid of Trump’s “Diet Coke button” is such a bummer. I guess that’s called for when you’re a bland president without any flavor.

This is just the beginning of our trip down memory lane as America regresses to the Obama era. The saddest part about it is Biden doesn’t seem to have an agenda of his own, just reminiscence of a presidency we’d prefer to leave in the past. And if it weren’t for the COVID pandemic, there would be no unique and defining issue for the 46th president to tackle.

(P.S. to the progressive left: There was nary an Executive Order targeting the black community as many of you hoped. We conservatives told you so.)

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