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Amazon Vows To Help Distribute The Vaccine On Inauguration Day But Not With Trump in Office

Amazon sent a letter to the Biden administration signaling their support for the “100 million shots in 100 days initiative” in relation to the virus vaccine. The letter, signed by Amazon Worldwide Consumer CEO Dave Clark, is rather puzzling considering the vaccine has been around for at least the past month or two. Logistics surrounding the vaccine rollout has been an issue for quite a while and something that the Trump administration has taken heat for on mainstream media and from politicians.

The timing of their letter, specifically to the Biden administration, feels purely political. Not only was the letter published on the day of the inauguration, but it also indirectly asks that Amazon employees get preferential treatment when it comes to the order in which the vaccine stock is available and then distributed. Amazon has a deal with a “licensed third-party occupational health care provider” to administer the vaccine on-site at Amazon “facilities.” The letter does not say if the “facilities” are just Amazon warehouses or if they include Amazon-owned Whole Foods.

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If Amazon wanted to help with the vaccine rollout, then it would have made sense for them to do so when the need was made obvious weeks ago. Much of the action surrounding the virus is totally political. Once it became more obvious that Joe Biden would be taking over in the White House, certain Governors and Mayors (Cuomo and Lightfoot to name a couple) became less strict on their virus regulations. Things that states like Florida did months ago, which were at one point forbidden, have now become general mainstream thought.

The general public sees how large corporations like Amazon and also politicians on the left (and sometimes the right) are simply playing games. And the virus is truly no laughing matter so the games are simply unwelcome. Nobody is laughing. Except for maybe the people who knew it was a game all along and have no intentions of stopping the game for the few people who dare to speak up and out against it.


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