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Joe Biden Refuses To Obey His Own Mask Mandate

Joe Biden signed a mask mandate executive order requiring that masks are worn on federal property and inside federal buildings. This executive order, of course, would apply to places like the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, DC. Joe Biden was pictured in front of the memorial without his mask after he signed the executive order requiring masks. Biden also posed with eight members of his family, all side-by-side without masks, at the same location. Social media erupted immediately after the contradictory photos were released, pointing out the obvious hypocrisy.

Peter Doocy of Fox News asked Jen Psaki, the new Press Secretary, about the obvious mask discrepancy during the White House Press Briefing. She responded by saying the President was celebrating at the time and that sort of… gives him a pass? When Doocy asked Psaki if Biden’s lack of mask-wearing at the memorial sets a good example, she pivoted away from answering it and went on to acknowledge “accomplishments” from the current administration.

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People have defended Joe Biden and his lack of mask-wearing at the Lincoln Memorial in other ways. Some people say it’s fine that Biden did not wear a mask because nobody else was around him. Then the family picture came out. So then the excuse was that it’s his close family and nobody else. When another picture came out of Biden standing maskless in front of a gaggle of photographers/reporters at the Lincoln Memorial, the excuse was that he was distanced from them and they were wearing masks.

Excuses for liberal Democratic hypocrisy appear to be never-ending. The executive order has no caveats allowing for masks to be taken off. So for leftists to try and create caveats for Joe Biden to utilize is hilarious. But this is typical behavior of the left… it is always “do as I say but never as I do.” There will be much more behavior like that over the next coming years of the “Biden administration.”


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