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Biden’s Non-Binary Nuclear Official Charged With Felony Theft After Airport Incident

Sam Brinton, one of the first non-binary (or gender-fluid) US Government officials, has been hit with a felony theft charge over an airport incident. The story is very embarrassing due mostly to its totally unnecessary nature. Brinton has been placed on leave from the Department of Energy without a public reason. However, anyone can put two and two together to understand why he has been at least temporarily suspended. Brinton became part of the US Government in his role at the DOE in February of 2022. By September, he allegedly stole a woman’s suitcase from Minneapolis St-Paul Airport.

The initial story was that Brinton took the suitcase by mistake. That story quickly unraveled as further details emerged. First of all, Brinton did not check a bag on that particular flight. So there was no reason for him to head to luggage claim at all. Second, video footage shows Brinton physically removing the woman’s identifying tags from the bag. He was seen quickly leaving baggage claim to get into a waiting rideshare vehicle outside. Brinton has also checked the bag onto several other flights over the course of a month.

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Brinton eventually confessed to taking the bag although he says it was a mistake. He also said that there were no clothes in the bag, then he said the put the clothes in drawers in his hotel room. He said he did this because he didn’t realize he had the wrong bag until he got back to the room and he freaked out. None of this makes sense because, again, he checked the bag on several other occasions after the initial theft. Brinton promised to return the bag, but that hasn’t happened yet. Apparently, the bag is worth a pretty penny and it had about $2,000 worth of clothing and accessories inside.


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