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Andrew Tate Gives Interesting Take On The Balenciaga Scandal

Controversial figure Andrew Tate recently appeared on a podcast and said a few words about the Balenciaga scandal. The high-end fashion brand known as “Balenciaga” has been under fire recently due to very inappropriate advertising campaigns featuring children. The kids are photographed wearing Balenciaga clothing with explicit accessories in the background. “BDSM” teddy bears are clearly visible in the pictures as some of the children are holding them front and center.

Some of the photographs include satanic materials including pentagrams. Balenciaga is attempting to distance themselves away from its own advertising campaigns by releasing an apology and then suing the agency responsible for the ads for $25 million. Many people do not believe that Balenciaga is truly apologetic. The prevailing idea is that they are apologizing because they got caught “red-handed”. Andrew Tate has another viewpoint on the situation that makes perfect sense once the background of the company and those who are involved is totally understood.

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