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Bill Maher Says He Didn’t Change But The Woke Left Did

Comedian Bill Maher says he hasn’t changed at all politically, but the left has. The late-night talk show host’s comments come from an appearance on the Ben Shapiro show. Shapiro and Maher were having a conversation about Maher’s recent takes. Some of the more “woke” issues of the day like the idea of children “transitioning” and “defunding the police” are things he simply doesn’t agree with. Many on the left would label him as a conservative for those views. Just the idea of sitting down with Ben Shapiro is enough to have leftists label Maher as some sort of traitor.

Such polarized views on topics that were never really in question is a very new thing. Maher says that within the past three to four years, things have gotten very strange on the left. Mainstream media and leftist politicians have adopted far-left ideals as the norm. Regular people who are somewhat involved with politics often find themselves alienated from modern-day progressives. Other people who traditionally vote Democrat without much thought behind it are typically ignorant of what’s going on. When they discover things like “Drag Queen Story Time”, they are appalled. Just like the situation in a California school where all of the parents found out about a Kindergarten classroom transgender reveal of a student.

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Identity is a complicated issue in Western Society. Gender identity, sexual identity, and definitely political identity. Messages beamed from mainstream media and even online through social media influencers are very confusing. Thousands of genders, men using the same restroom as women, women competing against transgender women who were born men, and the list goes on. The average person in America doesn’t really understand any of this. Politically, people are also confused. Some people who think they are conservatives are simply just normal liberals like Tulsi Gabbard.

Bill Maher’s words on Ben Shapiro’s show did more than just express his own viewpoints. He also spoke for an entire nation of people who may just be too afraid to speak out and say how they really feel.


Bill Maher | The Ben Shapiro Show Sunday Special Ep. 124 – YouTube

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  1. Yawn…

    What id like to know is wheres this weeks news about blm leaders being indicted, again? you wanna talk about race and all this anti-straight-white-male political bs, then lets go all the way and discuss the real issue at the core.. numerous founding members and leaders of this racist group who’ve been charged and/or already locked up for defrauding donors, the govt and ultimately the 88% NON-black tax payers footing all the bills. These racist POS scum using tax payers money to buy themselves vacations, mansions, yachts, strip clubs, jewelry, drugs, cars, guns.. Pathetic Buffalo Soldier hypocrites, you are not immune to accountability.

  2. @8:00 The intimidation campaign is a real thing. I was targeted by the left after criticizing Saturday Night Live, 30 Rock, and Tina Fey on their Hulu page comments section back in the day. The left has a process that we learned a little bit about in the Harvey Weinstein case. Ronan Farrow’s reporting described how Weinstein hired out private intelligence firms to stalk and harass his accusers. They also did the same thing to him, and he was lucky to get the story published at all.

    Likewise, Leah Remini’s show ‘Scientology and the Aftermath’ revealed Scientology’s sophisticated ‘Fair Game’ organized harassment program. The show features former perpetrators and their victims discussing how the process works.

    The political left is even worse. The Trump-Russia collusion hoax demonstrates how they will use the state’s counterintelligence, intelligence, and law enforcement institutions to target their opponents. What the public does not know and could not know is that they are using the so-called Havana Syndrome weapons to torture and discredit key people who could get them indicted – and a whole bunch of people they just don’t like. If their victims speak up about the crime, the left has a well-funded process to smear them as mental cases. Just five years ago, anyone making such claims would be dismissed. However, the public is coming around on this topic. The fact that everyone knows what the term gaslighting means is a sure sign of that change. A few years back, that term was mostly known by a few clinicians working with law enforcement on stalking cases.


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