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Media Attack Herschel Walker Over His Evolution Comments

The mainstream media have attacked Georgia Congressional candidate Herschel Walker for his comments about evolution. The former University of Georgia and NFL football player made his comments at Sugar Hill Church in Sugar Hill, Georgia which is not very far from Atlanta. Herschel was interviewed by Pastor Chuck Allen about a variety of issues. Herschel, of course, is a Christian who is also from Georgia. A church setting is certainly appropriate to share one’s beliefs and faith. The mainstream media, however, apparently don’t like when a person shares their Christian religious beliefs. Especially when the person is conservative.

The particular subject Herschel spoke on at the time of his evolution comments was the existence of God. Pastor Allen asked Herschel to give young people words of encouragement and Herschel explained why God is real. He spoke about the sun, Earth, and human life. All of the complex systems that create and maintain life simply do not make sense to have happened by some “big bomb” that blew up. His comments were turned into some sort of laughing-stock moment by the media who wish to downplay his intelligence. In reality, the overwhelming majority of Christians believe in creationism as that thought process is a huge part of the faith.

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Mainstream media attempted to turn Herschel Walker’s comments into pro-liberal propaganda. The race card cannot be used here because Herschel’s liberal opponent, Raphael Warnock, is also a black male. The LGBTQ card cannot be used because they are both heterosexual. So all that the media can do is attack Herschel’s intelligence and preparedness level. Ironically enough, judging a non-white person on the aforementioned factors would be considered “racist” if it was done against Raphael Warnock. Funny how the rules and standards change depending on which alphabet letter is next to someone’s name.


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