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Black Chicago Residents Protest Against Hundreds Of Incoming Illegal Aliens

A now-viral video shows dozens of black Chicago residents protesting against hundreds of incoming illegal aliens. City leadership has proposed that an old high school serve as an intake center of sorts. They want 250 illegal aliens in the facility at first, then that number will rise to 500. More than that will, of course, make their way to Chicago through official and/or unofficial channels.

Black residents say that the needs of their community should come before illegal aliens. Several press conferences and random interviews echoing this sentiment from the black community are all over the internet. City leaders struggled to even get one word out amidst all of the protests.

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There is just one problem. Black Chicago went 97% for Joe Biden in 2020. Biden clearly stated that he wanted to surge the border during the 2020 Presidential debates. He was very clear about that. Democratic politicians across the country, including in a place like Chicago, say that the concept of “sanctuary cities” is a good idea. So, while black residents of Windy City may be furious about the policy that supports illegal aliens, they truly have no one to blame other than themselves.


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