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Ted Cruz Battles Reporter Over Influx Of Illegal Aliens At The Southern Border

Texas Senator Ted Cruz got into a heated debate with a reporter at the Southern Border between the U.S. and Mexico. The reporter was apparently trying to press Cruz over his action, or lack thereof when it comes to the border. He also stated that the issues with the border also existed under Trump’s administration. Cruz strongly rebuffed the reporter’s “questions” which were simply a thinly-veiled attempt at starting an argument and grandstanding for leftist ideals.

Ted Cruz informed the reporter that illegal border crossings under the Trump administration were at a 45-year low. The former President made clear political decisions that resulted in policies that secured the Southern Border. Joe Biden inherited a secure border and immediately made it insecure with political decisions of his own. Biden stopped the construction of the Southern Border wall, eliminated the “remain in Mexico” policy for asylum seekers, and he most recently allowed Title 42 to expire.

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InfoWars reporter Owen Schroyer did some on-the-ground reporting on the border that backed up what Ted Cruz said. He was able to show border patrol agents purposefully obscuring the view of buses that were being loaded with illegal aliens. These buses were to drive over the Rio Grande at a low point, through a “ravine.” The final destination of these buses is unknown. However, what is known is that thousands upon thousands of people are rushing the border on a daily basis. Many of them sneak through without confrontation and others are welcomed in on a red carpet, illegally.


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