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Black GOP House Rep Denied Entry Into Congressional Black Caucus

The Congressional Black Caucus has denied freshman GOP House Rep Byron Donalds entry into their organization. This group is a collective of black congressmen who tend to caucus together on issues that they think are important to the black community. What issues they vote on and what they have accomplished is an entirely different discussion. Initially, the CBC responded with “no comment” when asked about admitting Donalds into their group. Byron Donalds is black so the racial component is obviously not the barrier here.

There is a man by the name of G.K. Butterfield in the CBC who used to actually head up the organization. He looks just as white as Joe Biden or anyone else. So, clearly, the freshman Congressman’s race is not the issue. So why would Byron Donalds be excluded? The answer is crystal clear to anyone paying attention. The Congressional Black Caucus is 100% Democratic and in the pocket of the DNC. So a black conservative who supports Trump and the GOP is simply out of the question. Although the CBC allegedly champions “diversity”… the diversity they speak to is literally only skin-deep.

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Byron Donalds would actually serve a great benefit to the CBC. In it’s current form, the organization is completely useless. They do nothing and anything they attempt, they are unsuccessful at accomplishing. If their intended goal is to aid the black community, they are obviously not doing a great job at it. There are obviously some things out of their control, such as the personal choices people make. But there are somethings House Reps do have control over. When elected officials, regardless of color, vote for things like open borders and endless money printing, then they can’t truly say they are helping anyone in the country. And the CBC most certainly can’t say they are helping black people, who are heavily affected by the backward policies of the modern-day Democratic Party.


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