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Psychiatrist Invited To Speak At Yale Talks About Killing White People

A psychiatrist by the name of Aruna Khilanani gave a talk at Yale University that, for lack of better words, went totally off the deep end. The veteran “woke” shrink went into a diatribe about shooting white people. Khilanani later defended her remarks by saying that she was just speaking about her “fantasy” and not necessarily a reality.

Khilanani prefaced her talk by saying that her talk would trigger white people into a negative reaction. Of course, this is not a good-faith argument because “white people” are not the only ones upset that a psychiatrist would speak this way at a place of higher education. Yale released a statement disavowing the talk that Aruna Khilanani, but that appears to be sort of a forced statement due to bad publicity.

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The psychiatrist is well-known as a woke person and she expresses all of her views on social media, especially TikTok. If Yale did a two-second Google search, they could have easily found out what she’s about. So the question is, did they research her before they invited her to talk? The answer is most likely yes. So then the second question is… why? Why would Yale invite a “woke” activist with a violent hatred of another group of people purely based on the color of their skin? Maybe the answer to that question is also the reason why Colombia University, another Ivy League school, currently employs a self-admitting heroin user by the name of Carl Hart. Hart is black and Aruna Khilanani is Indian from the Indian subcontinent.

It’s all about diversity through the lens of “wokeness” and superficial racial differences. There is nothing wrong with diversity when the goal is to invite different schools of thought to one arena. The problem with “woke” institutions that thrive on critical race theory like Yale is that “diversity” to them is only skin deep. Ultimately, they want everyone to identify with the same ideology. This is probably the reason why a violent person like Aruna Khilanani was invited to speak at Yale in the first place.


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