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Black Lives Matter Raised $10.6 Billion in Donations Since May

Black Lives Matter and BLM-related efforts collected a whopping $10.6 billion dollars in donation money since May of 2020 according to The Economist. The overwhelming majority of the influx of money came as a result of George Floyd’s death in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Most of it was from private citizens on Black Lives Matter’s website which is powered by the Democratic Party’s fundraising platform, ActBlue. Once big businesses realized that there was an opportunity to cash in from a marketing aspect, they began to donate millions and billions of dollars.

Hundreds of businesses, large and small, donated to Black Lives Matter and other black-related “progressive” efforts. Microsoft donated right around one billion dollars from a collection of various donations to black-friendly causes, including diversity efforts within their own company. Several other large companies followed suit but obviously not quite up to the billion-dollar mark set by Microsoft. But hundreds of millions of dollars in donations from companies like Nike isn’t exactly chump change. And surely the all-BLM branded NBA season wasn’t simply done just… because. All of these large companies want a “non-racist” image and BLM provides them the perfect avenue to achieve that goal. At least… on paper.

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An example of a very small business that was able to cash in on the BLM money windfall is that of a media production guy in Minneapolis. His liberal-left leaning business only had about 6 to $8,000 dollars in the bank before he filmed the chaos in Minneapolis. Shortly after that, he gained around $650,000 cash in the bank. The media businessman says that he now has enough money to fund himself for the next five years.

With all the money that BLM has raised, surely they should be able to make an impact in the black community. Or at least, there should be regression. After all, nearly every business and individual who donated large sums of money wants the best for black people. Or do they? If they do… its hard to tell. The black-on-black murder rate has increased exponentially since the 2020 BLM resurgence after George Floyd. Black poverty, incarceration, drug use, and single parenthood are all as high as ever.

The fact is that Black Lives Matter, as an organization, has no interest in fixing the problems that plague black America. In fact, they seek to intensify them. BLM is against police and also the nuclear family structure – two things black Americans desperately need in a time where single motherhood runs rampant as well as the crime that single mother households breed. The protesting and/or riots that BLM instigate are simply ways to fundraise cash for people at the top, which they have been very successful at doing.

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Black Lives Matter Raised $10.6 BILLION Since May

Black Lives Matter Raised $10.6 BILLION Since May

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